How It Works

  1. Pick a service or services you would like within the website and add to cart. Once you are ready to order simply checkout and pay through our payment gateway.
  2. Once the payment is made, an email is sent to confirm your order and the services that have been requested.
  3. A questionnaire would be sent for your input for starting the order. These inputs will be customized according to the service that you have ordered. In case you require any assistance in this we will provide the necessary support as well.
  4. Once the filled questionnaire is sent to us, we’ll start working on completing the service requested. There may be consultations with you such as questions or draft approval requests as we proceed, if required.
  5. Within the promised deadline, we’ll deliver the services that have been ordered and would request your review on the work submitted.
  6. You can choose to either confirm the fulfillment of service and provide us with feedback or request a revision for any changes to be made within the service provided (such a request is to be sent within 48 hours of delivery in case of request for revisions, any request made after this period may bear additional charges).
  7. Once the fulfillment of services is confirmed, the order will be marked as completed, and the ownership of the services provided will belong solely to the client.